1 year ago

Astrology power of planets

each planet  gives result according to its strength if  it less than 30p.c power full than it will give 30p.c whether good or bad result.if planet is more than 50p.c powerful than it will give average result and if planet is read more...

1 year ago

Astrology of nine planets reffects on body

As we all know there are nine planets from sun to Ketu.in our life we experience nine types characters(rasa)Each planet represents particular character sun being soul power to rule the body represents power.If sun is weak or powerless than person read more...

1 year ago

Skill to encash tallent

It is observed that people study.But after completion of study they donot ean enough to survive in majority of cases.What is the reason?To know we will continue


1 year ago

introductory post

dear frien


I am sharing my thoughts with my friends on facebook I felt that sharing thoughts has certain limitations than i decided to launch

my web blog with your today i have with your blessings and good read more...